Secure International Trading

Secure International Trading

Secure International Trading

We are working only with partners which are registered as security traders and holding a banking license and are constantly under the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FNMA).


Even the simplest transaction poses a risk. Buy a dozen eggs with one that's broken, and you are down
more than 8%. When your transaction spans an ocean, a continent or both, the risks are greater, and
chances are you’re not buying just a dozen eggs.

The principle seems clear: only do business with people you know in countries with solid governments
that have stable currencies.

The solution is experience, and you can find it in the international group at LTA along with responsiveness,
ingenuity, enthusiasm and expertise.


With LTA your company can keep pace with the speed of international business from your Internet-ready
computer. Fast online preparation, electronic notifications, real-time, pre-built and customized reports
and comprehensive transaction histories are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy as you execute or view:

Applications for Import Letters of Credit
Applications for Standby Letters of Credit
Amendments to Import Letters of Credit
Amendments to Standby Letters of Credit
Copies of Export Letter of Credit Advices
Requests for Documentary Collections


From customized application templates to online confirmations and advices, LTA online service is designed
to streamline your operations and boost productivity. You'll enjoy quick access to the actual text of your
issued letters of credit, amendments and correspondence, including all negotiation and debit/credit
notices. And you can submit real-time, online applications anytime, day or night.

From importing metals, to exporting motherboards or acting as a middleman/trading company, the
Foreign Trade Bankers at LTA know how to reduce your risk, expedite your transactions and find you
funding all around the world.


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Developing new business opportunities, our investments are heavily biased in favour of Africa, China, Europe and the Middle East. We believe in the extraordinary potential of these regions and in preserving heritage and tradition when walking into the future.

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