Li T. Ashworth

Li T. Ashworth

Li T. Ashworth

The Woman – Her Story

Li T. Ashworth started in the late 80’s as an Independent Consultant, specialized in Government Project, International Trade, IT-Technology, finance Investments, Industry JV and Constructions. At the beginning of her endeavours she provides consulting advisory service to a host of International clients, service between China and developing countries.

Today, as an international business woman with ample experience in countries such as Argentina, USA, Russia, China, The Middle East and Europe. Li T. Ashworth now leads as CEO of the LTA Global Investment and Development Company a team of top industry professionals including bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and economists who, together with her, have taken on the challenge of consolidating a group offering first rate international services so as to really make a difference.

During her career as a highly successful international entrepreneur, Li T. Ashworth inevitably came into contact with world leaders and luminaries from the political, industrial and cultural arenas. Soon enough, first introductions quickly developed into established acquaintances and over the course of time, she was able to develop close relationships with some of the most important figures of modern history.

Deeply troubled by the course of events in the Middle East and Africa, she discussed her concerns openly; in particular, how the lack of understanding between certain nations was so deep rooted as to seem almost impossible to overcome. Widely credited for her mediation work, often behind the scenes, Li T. Ashworth principal aim continues to be that of encouraging a rapprochement between the West, the Middle East, Africa and China.

In her role as a diplomatic facilitator, she encouraged dialogue by building bridges through nonpartisan negotiations in the context of an impartial setting. However, recent events in Africa and the Middle East have forced her to reconsider current conflict resolution strategies by focusing attention towards more workable solutions.

That is to say, greater cooperation and dialogue with developed nations is the only way to establish a framework to promote the re-building of impoverished economies and fractured societies. Dialogue and cultural awareness are key to the foundation of stable social and political systems, because they are based on the principles of unity, faith, discipline, tolerance and respect. In light of this, Li T. Ashworth has decided to dedicate part of her life towards resolving conflicts and strengthening dialogue, especially within the African Nation.

Having founded LTA Investment and development in 1999 Li T. Ashworth continues to lead and be supported by a team of top industry professionals who cover all aspects of the Groups concerns. Together with her they have taken on the challenge of consolidating the Company’s activities and put it in the enviable position of being able to offer first-rate international services that really make a difference. The highly skilled and experienced experts working alongside Li T. Ashworth share her outlook and advocate a business approach that helps to bridge the gap between developed and developing economies.


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Developing new business opportunities, our investments are heavily biased in favour of Africa, China, Europe and the Middle East. We believe in the extraordinary potential of these regions and in preserving heritage and tradition when walking into the future.

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