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There are good reasons to choose our company as a partner

A cooperative partnership between institutional investors and their partner is central
to the achievement of long-term objectives.

Whether it’s a private pension fund, public corporation, charitable foundation, insurance company
or health insurance plan – with its wealth of experience, LTA is the best possible
partner for every type of institutional client.

Whether you require strategic advice, the implementation of your investment strategy,
or custody of your securities – with our modular range of services,
we offer you flexible and customized solutions.

The long-standing experience of our specialists in advising institutional investors
ensures that you always have access to wide-ranging knowledge and extensive expertise.

Our advisors give you access to the worldwide network of LTA. In-depth,
global knowledge and awareness of regional issues form the basis of a profitable partnership.

With advice based on mutual cooperation, individual services, and comprehensive expert knowledge,
we offer you the optimum foundation for success.

As long as we are tenacious in the pursuit of our destiny, we will continue to advance.
We are of the firm opinion that the business world has a duty to offer strength
and solidarity alongside institutions, be they economic or political, and offer support to the nations
and governments within which they operate.

Investors want to know that their money is in a place they can trust. It is therefore important
for them to understand the philosophy of the financial institution. Innovative investment services
should deliver success and it is essential to recognize opportunities and risks in good time.

Here at LTA, we want our service to be the forerunner in investment decisions.
As an asset manager, we see it as our mission to recommend the best possible investment solutions for you.

Sound advice and customized solutions good for you

Are you looking for reliable, sound advice to help you manage your wealth? Would you prefer a partner who truly
understands your needs and those of your family, and who you can count on over the long term? Do you
appreciate having a personal point of contact for all your wealth management requirements?

We offer wealthy individuals the benefits of truly global wealth management as well
as access to the best in investment and corporate banking.

While our capabilities are vast, we make it easy for you to take advantage of all of them. Your personal relationship
manager will be your liaison to the whole company, connecting you with advice and market insight from experts in
a wide range of financial disciplines, and helping you to find customized solutions that cater to your specific
requirements, no matter how complex.

We put great emphasis on a good mix of securities from the home market and global solutions. With global
investments, country risks can be absorbed and additional opportunities for investment generated. The optimum
balance depends on the mix of asset classes. Portfolios with a high equity component should be more broadly
diversified on an international basis than portfolios with a lot of bonds.

If you are interested in a partner who will take the time to get to know you and your situation well, who will be
there for you and your family both today and in the future, and who can cater to all your wealth management
needs from a single source, then we invite you to get in touch.


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Developing new business opportunities, our investments are heavily biased in favour of Africa, China, Europe and the Middle East. We believe in the extraordinary potential of these regions and in preserving heritage and tradition when walking into the future.

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